The Skelton Family

Eric and Jane Skelton with the help of a great team of support partners founded God’s Green Acres in 2013.

Eric and Jane were married in 1991. They have three children: Sarah, Paul and Mark. Their entire family and life is ministry. Their home and three acres of land are dedicated to fulfilling the calling they have by God to serve the needs of couples and individuals in the Monroe, WI area.

Their ministry journey started when Eric was saved in 1997 and Jane in 2000. Their marriage was a struggle, but by God’s help, they found hope and healing in Christ. In 2003, their pastor asked them to start a marriage ministry at their church. For many years, they served couples through this ministry and through individual mentoring and counseling. In 2007, God led them to sell their businesses and go into full time ministry. They served with Wisconsin Family Counsel for five years as Director of Marriage and Family Ministry. Their work continued locally with couples and they worked around the state of Wisconsin encouraging pastors to build strong marriage ministries, to require rigorous premarital training, and raise up mentor couples to serve the needs of marriages in their congregations and communities. In 2013, their family was led to focus their ministry work on the Monroe area and expand the ministry through God’s Green Acres.