Over the last few years we have struggled with pests. From rabbits eating our baby plants to squirrels making a mess in the yard, it has been quite an adventure dealing with the pesky critters.

When we moved to the property we immediately knew we had a problem. Every day we saw squirrels running to and fro across the yard. Having a good knowledge of trapping, we decided to set a few box traps in the yard and see if we could catch them. I suggested that we should keep a tally of the catches, and by the time we were done we had caught twenty-eight squirrels! Wow! Rabbits weren’t too big of a problem the first year; I think we caught three or four. We also found that two groundhogs had taken up residence underneath our buildings, but once again we managed to take care of them. The biggest problem the first year was something we could not easily see: earwig. Earwigs had overrun the gardens and were chewing our plants to pieces. It was ridiculous how many of those nasty pests were in the garden munching away. While we did manage to exterminate them with soap and water in a spray bottle, our cabbage plants were almost toast. Although we lost some plants, the overall health of the garden was good.

Year two was almost identical for the squirrel catch but the rabbit population increased dramatically. They sure did breed like rabbits! Another pair of groundhogs moved in but once again we were able to get rid of them.

When the time for squirrels to come out occured, we never had much of a problem, amazingly! We still got the rabbits bouncing around and have been dealing with those. Our most current issues are a groundhog digging holes all over the yard and slugs munching on our plants in the garden. All we can do now is use more soapy water for the slugs, more traps for the groundhog, and more prayer that God will use everything for his glory!

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