Every day, I would check the buckets and usually there was nothing in them. Oh, well one day, I saw some sap in the bottom. I was so excited. I opened up the lid and looked inside. Something was wrong. The spile had no sap dripping off it. In fact, it was dry. I dipped my finger in the liquid in the bucket and tasted it. “Phew!” That wasn’t sap. It didn’t taste sweet. It was rain water. This particular bucket had a lid that didn’t fit tight and we had some rain a day or two before.

No sap.

Then one day, one of the bucket had some nice clear liquid in it. I popped the top off and could see a drip of sap hanging from the spile. I wiped the drip with my finger and tasted it. Oh, yeah, it was sweet sap.

It has been a few days and four of the trees are starting to run. Tonight, I decide to collect all the sap in the buckets. I took it in the house with great enthusiasm. It measured a mere 7 cups. But hey, it is the first 7 cups of sap from God’s Green Acres. You know what I did next, I decided to boil it down on the stove.

It took about an hour to boil the 7 cups down. Paul was a trooper and minded the pot for most of the time. I was working out in the shop and he sent Sarah to come and get me so I could have a look and see if it had boiled down enough.

That 7 cups was now a small amount of liquid simmering in the bottom of the pot. It has the softest light golden brown look to it. I grabbed a spoon and tasted a little of it. Ooo, so good! I took some in for Jane to try. She loved it. We decided to stop boiling it down.

It measured out to be about a ¼ cup of finished product. That works out to be 28 to 1 if I did the math right.

We are very excited to see how the Lord blesses us with sap and syrup.

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