Since 2003, we have been meeting with couples and individuals to provide emotional and spiritual mentoring and counseling.

Some of the couples we work with, are filled with hopes and dreams as they prepare for marriage. We have the joy of working with them, and guiding them to learn more about each other. We help them identify strengths and areas for growth, and provide tools to strengthen their relationship. The most important aspect of our counsel is developing a God honoring relationship and eventual marriage.

For married couples, we offer our life and experience at building a God honoring marriage through the challenges of life. Let’s face it, with the divorce rate at more than 50% in the state of Wisconsin, more marriages seem to be failing than those that are excelling. Worst still, so many men and women in marriage are failing to realize their full potential as individuals and more importantly as a couple because of strife in their relationship. God has a plan for all of our lives, to bring Him glory and us joy. Unfortunately, when one’s marriage is not harmonious it will drag us down and make life miserable.

We praise God for these couples and individuals who take the step to seek us out. We are blessed to be gifted and commissioned by God to meet with people who are hurting, to extend Christ’s love, mercy and grace, and to guide and counsel them to find hope and healing in Christ Jesus. If your marriage is struggling today, give us a call. We can setup a confidential time to meet with you and your spouse and begin the healing process. You marriage may be in rough shape, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.