For those of you who have visited our site before, you probably noticed that the site looks a little different!  When we started this site five years ago, it looked pretty good to me.  However, my thoughts did change.

About three years ago, I started teaching myself computer programming including basic HTML (used for created websites).  After I had gained some experience, I found that our website wasn’t mobile friendly, so I began to update the theme to work on all devices (computers, tablets, phones, etc.).  This worked well, and for a while I was happy.

A year later, I started a job at a local website development company where I worked on many different websites, both small and large, old and new.  After working on some well crafted websites, I began to realize that our website was a bit out of date.

Since then, I have periodically played around with different website themes, but nothing struck me as being right for this site.  Then, a few months ago, I found this website theme and for some reason I just thought “that’s it”.

Finally, I took a weekend and put the work into migrating the old website to this new theme.  While it isn’t perfect, I am excited to take our website down a new path after being on the old path for too many years.

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